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Stump grinding a Large tree stump

Stump Removal

Tree Worker

Commercial tree trimming


Trimming limbs back from building


Concrete in a stump

Large stump Grinding

Chain saw would not cut through stump because concrete inside

Tree Trimming

Trimming oak from a bucket truck

Humane Society

Tree service at the humane society

Parking Lot Trimming

Trimming trees in a multi business parking lot

Bucket Truck

Altec bucket truck

Commercial Trimming

Condos tree Maintenance

Lucas tree service

chip truck

Tree Service photos

Commercial Tree work




Jacksonville tree Service







Wood Dolly Version 2 stump2

Stump Grinding

Small Stump Grinder

Residential Pole saw Lucas Tree Lucas Tree Service IMG_4047 Cleanup Cleaning Saplings chipper2 chipper Bobcat Before Trees Slider

Trimming dead out of an oak tree.

Trimming dead out of an oak tree.

Commercial Palm Trimming

Commercial Palm Trimming

commercial after

after under brushing

Lucas Tree Service commercial before Tree trimming tree trimming before Live Oak Ipad 046 Ipad 045 Forest trailIMG_8185Century_Tree-e1295988531193 cropped-NottinghamKnolltreepano2wideangle.jpg IMG_5735